Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Twice the Models, Twice the Show!

Twice the Models, Twice the Show!

An Unforgettable Miami Swim Show 

Miami Swim Week is now over, but the buzz continues to float throughout the fashion industry of its bold new collections and amazing runway presentations. Amongst the buzz were the new collection from both Indah Swimwear and Issa De Mar!

These two sensational lines debuted their SS17 collections at the W Hotel on South Beach and it was extravagant to say the least. The W Hotel's pool area was turned into a five star runway venue and it definitely served its purpose. COOL was proud to be there as both brands took the stage and dazzled the crowd with edgy bikinis and one of a kind sundresses. And we had front row seats as well as backstage access to all of the festivities.

Issa De Mar kicks off Pop Up Style 

Provided with so many options, but just the right amount of time, we first browsed the outdoor party/pop up shop. There, we reveled in fun activities and goodies from brand favorites like Tresemme's TRESswim bar and Peroni. But there was without a doubt a sense of anticipation in the air as we awaited the beginning of our first show of the night, Issa De Mar.

Graced with a large double screen displays and soft grass turf, the runway took you into a modern yet contemporary experience. Top chart favorites from today's pop, hip hop, and R&B blared from the large speakers as show comers hummed and sang to their favorite tunes. The introduction and welcoming presentation was showstopping and definitely gaze holding.  With our front row access we had the best view of the runway and the models as they graced us with pieces drenched in classy tradition and Hawaiian flair.

Meet the designers 

Designers Melissa Jasniy and Marissa Eveland gave goers a show they will never forget and the careful planning behind the colorful, tropical runway show was evident. Originally meeting each other on the North Shore of Ohau, Hawaii, Melissa and Marissa enjoyed the simple side of life, surfing and earning their degrees from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Together, they created Issa De Mar, working their way from selling hand-sewn pieces out of an ice cream truck to running their own runway show!

 Their expertise shined and their Hawaiian tradition came through on each piece as the models made their way down the runway. With more unique mesh cut outs and  lower backs, the swim suits were definitely swim week favorites. And the crowd gave a joyful ovation to the designers during the finale as they sauntered down the runway hand in hand with one of their models.

Backstage With Indah

Before our night ended, we made our way into the actual building of the hotel, where we were granted backstage access to the busy, yet suspenseful dressing hall of the Indah models. Instantly diving into a world of make up, cameras, and hairspray, we took in our whole surrounding and made some new friends along the way! From MAC to Maybelline, the make up tables were drowning in fan favorites, as artist quickly picked up and put down their brushes and contourers. Hair designers adorned the models with thick, large roller curls that gave them a classic look. And reporters were all ears as artist and designers alike shared their stories and answered questions.

With a red carpet styled interview area, the room instantly transformed into a fashion and media paradise. We even received pointers from friendly artist as they enhanced the faces and hair of the models. With minutes until curtain call, the models scurried into the suits and received last touch ups as they made their way to the stage one by one. Before leaving, we bid our farewells to all of the wonderful artist and took some snapshots of the models awaiting their turn.

We couldn't be any more pleased with our overall night. Both shows were a huge success and the added backstage access sealed the deal! We thank the W Hotel for hosting both shows and we thank Issa De Mar and Indah for allowing us the access into their Swim Miami events. We look forward to the SS18 collection and a bold, new approach to next year's Swim Miami.


by: COOL Creative's Chief Brand Architect, Johanne Wilson

As a branding design house, COOL Creative has spent years developing powerful brand identities, branded marketing materials and strategies for both small businesses and large corporations. The process starts with an initial “vision meet” where we learn about the heart of the business, vision and mission. We ask tons of questions, listen, constructively challenge and sketch; all to infuse our hearts with inspiration so we can do work that MOVES people at their core... that's what we're all about. Recently, I sat in a business forum and one of the business owners asked about branding and how to go about getting theirs done. The speaker carelessly directed them to 99 designs, a logo design website that spits out cheap and generic logos. One of the most difficult things for us to hear is when people don't value the importance of great customized branding. 
Your branding expresses is who you are. It is the soul and energy of your business, and your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services and it differentiates you from your competitors. Consistency is key to ensuring that people REMEMBER and RECOGNIZE your brand for as long as you are in existence. Branding involves all of the aspects of communicating the value of your business including: messaging, brand voice/tone, internal (your team) brand materials, externally (consumer) facing materials, web presence, social media content, brand essence videos, signage, corporate stationary and more. 
THE FIRST STEP OF THE VISUAL BRANDING PROCESS IS DEVELOPING THE LOGO. Keep in mind that a logo is just PART of your branding. Below are some key points to the logo development process. 
A logo is not a story
The biggest trap that people usually fall into is that, when developing a logo, they want to tell the entire history of their company in a 2” wide by 1” tall graphic. That is generally not what a logo meant to do. The more concise it is, the more impact it has. (Like all things, there are exceptions, but this tends to be the general rule of thumb.)

A great logo starts with research
Developing the branding for your business is a process. The process doesn't have to be overly complicated, but there are basic best practices to help ensure that brand identity is competitive, relevant and communicates effectively. We always start with a competitive audit. Our background working at P&G years ago taught us about the importance of doing these audits. Understanding the competitive landscape helps us to create a unique point of differentiation which informs our design work.
A logo is a label
A logo is a label, a two-second identifier for your brand – it’s like a person’s name. Your brand, on the other hand, is the experience. For instance, when you think of Apple, you don’t think of the logo, you think of their products, packaging, and the experience you have in a store.
As I mentioned, there are exceptions to the rule. Take FedEx. If you look at the E and X together, the white space in the middle is an arrow. That is intentional; that hidden meaning meant to show that they’re on the move and will get your stuff from Point A to Point B was put there on purpose. Wendy’s is another one – the necklace around Wendy’s neck forms the word MOM.
A logo expresses your brand's personality
Again, a logo captures the essence of your brand and quickly communicates your company's personality. Is it a serious brand? Playful? High-end?
There are five types of logos
Word marks: These use a distinct or custom typeface, like Bloomingdale’s
Symbols or icons: These can stand on their own, like Apple or the Nike swoosh, but you have to have a REALLY well established brand to get away with this using the symbol without the company name.
Letter marks: Again, these are for established brands, like GE, but a small business could use this as a tertiary brand identifier.
Combination: Combination logos use clip art with the company name, like Sprint.
Emblem: Starbucks is the best example of this. You’ll never see the name of the company by itself; it’s always within the mermaid design.

We have created a suite of branding services specifically for the small businesses and start ups.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pokémon Go: How Your Brand Can Play & Profit

Pokémon Go

How Your Brand Can Play & Profit

Unless you've been locked in a room for the past two weeks, you haven't heard of the tech phenom Pokémon Go, one of the most popular & anticipated games of the year which was released on July 7. Initially meant as just a way for Nintendo to lure its customers to their consoles, Pokémon has reached successes that even the creators anticipated. 

Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go is the first of its kind, using augmented reality with Geolocation tags for sites such Pokécenters & Gyms. Everywhere you happen to be, it isn't difficult to find someone indulged in a game of Pokémon Go or hunting for new and rare Pokémon to capture and compare with their friends. For some, this craze may just be a summer phase for the children and in due time, it will pass. If you look around though, you'll note adults wandering around while glued to their smartphone. If you can get a glimpse of their screen, you'll see they're indulging too! For savvy business leaders, this is a can't-miss opportunity to engage customers and create income-generating activity.
Poké products
This new app craze has proven to be addicting to buyers, and profitable to its makers. Within two days of its released the latest reports has shown that it was installed in over 5% of all Android devices in the US, which is even more than the installs of Tinder. In its existence, it has already doubled the amount of activity and engagement found on Snapchat. All of this means that augmented reality games are viable and are the future of gaming & the forefront of the next technological step towards a fully immersive reality. 

Pokémon Go and Small Businesses

So what does this mean for the future of Pokémon Go & evolving your own business around the gaming concept? This could be in many ways just the start of a new beginning for augmented reality games & the viability of it as a whole. In the meantime, it also means capitalizing your business and drawing users of the game to your location. Its actually very simple!

                                                Location-Based initiatives

For those who have stationary businesses, drawing traffic and potential customers to your location is pretty simple to activate. Organize giveaways near your business where Pokémon Go users can come and redeem valuable badges towards their Pokémon. Another idea is simply taking your efforts to social media. For instance: W Hotels recently screenshotted themselves on property within the game (Shown below). This proved to be a brilliant way to engage with their customers and join in on an activity that guests were already doing. To really take it to another level, they can set up mini real-world experiences for guests to enjoy at PokeStops that are located on their properties. 

Pop-up Experiences!

Start by finding an area with a truss of PokeStops. You can set up pop-up shop, event, street team or mobile business right at that stop. Of course, permitting and other important logistics need to be handled.

Pokémon was originally assumed to be an idea that would fall after it was launched, but today, we find that this mobile concept is as popular and profitable as ever. The same can be done for your business. With new ways to gain everyday, businesses have to stay ahead of trends and find creative ways to stay competitive.

For more helpful tips on how your business can take advantage of Pokémon Go or to let us help you put an out-of-the box plan together, contact us at

Friday, July 22, 2016

Becca McCharen Brings Architecture To South Beach

Becca McCharen Brings Architecture to South Beach 

Inside The Chromat SS17 Swim Show !

Chromat models rocked the Swim Show poolside in original Chromat pieces! The freehand Hotel came alive last Saturday as Chromat took over their Hotel for Miami Swim Week. On the swim week’s peak day, Chromat brought architecturally styled wear and barbecue by the pool. Chromat designer and fashion mastermind Becca McCharen flew into Miami to debut her SS17 Chromat swim line during Miami Swim week and it was no ordinary fashion show. Kicking off the event, Becca hosted a pool party fit for the Miami scene as she served food, music, and flair. Guest had a chance to come party and meet the designer herself to get inside scoop on the new SS17 line. They had no idea how much eye dazzling phenomena she would be bringing to them later that day.

The Birth of A Game Changing Line

Designer Becca McCharen showing off her original 3D architectural dress
Chromat was introduced to the scene in 2010 as an extension of Becca McCharen’s love for architecture. After receiving her degree in architecture, Becca decided to take her knowledge and invest it into fashion design, a move that would change her life forever. By channeling her ideas into her work, Becca has taken fashion beyond a level of simple fabric and color. She creates art, painting a scene as she designs structural experiments for the human body. Each handcrafted garment evokes a structural language that sets it apart from any other swim line on the market.

Along with her swimwear, Becca designs lingerie, sportswear, and even 3D structural cage dresses you have to see to believe. Her garments have graced the likes of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, and more. Every piece she designs originates from New
York City. This year, she decided to bring her talents to South Beach, and she certainly did not come empty handed.

Pool Party served Chromat Style!

The guest and invitees were in for a treat because while the festivities were happening outside by the pool, inside the beautifully traditional hotel, Chromat was hosting their “Pop Up Shop”. Visitors, RSVP, and hotel guest alike got their hands on the SS17 pieces before they officially hit the poolside! With prices comparable to those of department store, these pieces were a steal! While there, guest also purchased specially made Chromat tees with the Chromat Logo design on the front, along with other Chromat pieces.

Chromat babes served life in SS17 pieces, available at
Proceeding the festivities and pop up shop, Chromat hosted their Swim Show Poolside, which created a true, authentic summer day feel. Far from your traditional runway show, Becca had her models lounging poolside and posing for the cameras. Modern in its approach to fashion, the show gave the audience a chance to depict their own version of a Chromat summer day by the pool. While the girls served life “red carpet style”, a few of them decked Becca’s 3D architectural dresses as they posed around the hotel, including model Carmen Carrera, who rocked an original Chromat Patent Garter Cage Bustier and Arc Top. Guest were able to walk by and get a glance of a general model’s day at a fashion filled photo shoot. Accompanied by festive remixes blaring from the speakers, the Chromat show rocked all the way until the sun set and those in attendance had gained their fill. We look forward to Becca’s approach to next year’s show. To learn more on Becca and her amazing Architectural designs, check out Chromat and tell us what you think!

Monday, June 27, 2016

DeZeen Changes The Watch Industry With Collaborative Approach

DeZeen is Redefining the word "Comprehensive"

Expressing art has become a versatile hobby. Many people are finding ways to fulfill their niche for designer looks and unique creations that portray modernization and innovation. Marcus Fair, founder of the DeZeen Watch Store is an integral part of our modernization. He created the store as a means for class worldly individual to purchase their favorite designer watch brands, in one location.

 His reason for starting the now multi million dollar business came at a time when watch companies were becoming much more popular and apparent to the general market. He launched DeZeen because he felt there was no comprehensive watch store. If a person wanted to purchase a watch, they had to go to the brand's online or physical store to achieve it. So he created DeZeen and has worked with designer including Denis Guidone and Michael Young to deliver show stopping arm pieces that shine with current century authenticity.

His watch collection has grabbed the attention of Mogul figures like Robert Downey Jr. and many more. The renowned online watch store has become an intrinsic part of the award winning DeZeen Venture brand, a magazine marque which launched in 2006 and now brings over 2 million readers a month. See for yourself why DeZeen has become a favorite to celebrities and artistic entrepreneurs alike. Also, be on the look out for the many opportunities to purchase a DeZeen favorite in person with their many pop up shops. Visit DeZeen watch store to learn more and grab yourself a designer watch favorite today!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Cool Creative dives into Summer with Clinique

"Summer in Clinique" brings in a refreshing look to bold color

Thanks to a special invite, I stopped by the “Summer in Clinique” pop up truck for some yummy makeup treats! I indulged in the ice cold Popsicle creations hand-crafted by Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. These juicy popsicles were inspired by Clinique's new lip pop colour collection. This year is all about bold, rich colors and I wanted to sample all the lip-luscious treats for myself. My lips were in gloss heaven after trying their ‘Color Pop Glaze’ collection, a pretty pop of semi-translucent and bold colour + smoothing primer, all in one in one coat. The lux, yet weightless formula wears for up to 8 hours and keeps lips comfortably moisturized.

After hours of continuous pop and glaze galore, I was in love! NEXT, I browsed their eye-catching creations, including their new SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen. This oil-free formula is great for extreme summer days and are perfect for those with sensitive eyes, like myself. Gentle and virtually invisible to all skin types, this liquid gold can be found at for just $26! Compared to similar brands, this was definitely a steal.

I simply couldn't get enough of the products, especially the colors. Bold was an understatement for how these deep rouges and satin pinks graced the Clinique show table... major slay-spiration. As I indulged some more, I got some great must-have tips and insight from two of Clinique's most trusted experts.

One-on-one with the Clinique Mentors
Clinique consultant Lazaro Gomez has been apart of the Clinique experience for over 11 years. I got him to spill on some summer tips and go-to’s. “I'm definitely a matte lover. It actually stays on longer and it doesn't bleed compared to liquid lipstick,” Gomez explained. “I would love to see matte lips and waterproof mascara recycled into the 2016 summer craze. My favorite from the Colour Pop collection is definitely the lipstick,” said Gomez. Before grabbing my palate cooling raspberry popsicle and jumping in front of the “Clinique Camera” for my selfie gif, I stopped by and spoke to PR extraordinaire Ally Stern and got even mo
re advice on how to glow this summer. “My perfect summer 2016 look is a bare face, with a nice pop of color,” Stern dished. I use Clinique's ‘Sun-kissed Face Gelee Complexion Multitasker’ to give me a natural oil-free glow and I pair it with Clinique's ‘Oil Lip and Cheek Glow,’ also a part of the Colour Pop collection.”

Lip and cheek glow?! Yes please! This luscious yet light-weight is infused with safflower, jojoba, and sunflower oils to help seal moisture. And yes, it's only $18. I had a ton of fun and got all the assistance I needed to wake up my makeup regimen. With a creamy yet juicy popsicle, bit of mingling, and a one of a kind gif later, I was ready to say farewell to my friends at Clinique.
 It doesn't end here for me and you can join me on the Clinique summer experience. Though the summer pop up truck has come to a close, you have all summer long to get amazing Clinique deals, including their new life-giving Lip Colour line. Visit Clinique to get details on this collection and update your bag, like me! Want even more Clinique savings? Check out their “Clinique Bonus Time” offer by visiting to snag some exclusive deals... you're welcome! This promotion period is only here for a limited time and purchases come with a free gift! Comment below to let me know about your Clinique finds. Thank you Clinique for getting me summer-ready.

Monday, June 8, 2015

COOL SPOTS: MacarOn Café, New York

Designer Desserts to Die For

The macaron lives on!

Sprinkled across several locations in New York is the famed MacarOn Café where sweet morsels of meringue-based heaven are born. It all began with an oven in a small café. Chefs, Cecile and Arnaud, had a vision of bringing the French confectionary cookie to New York in 2007.  They have since expanded to 4 cafes in Manhattan and ship to over a hundred retailers across North America. MacarOn Café has also earned major creds in prestigious publications like the New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine and Elle Magazine 

Haute Macha Green Tean Macaron
Perhaps one of the main draws to MacarOn Café are the seasonal flavors and couture designs offered in the collections. The perfect summer tropical flavors such as pineapple, passion fruit, mango and orange blossom are among some of the sunny bites you'll experience. The macha green tea macaron is almost too gorgeous to eat. Our personal fave is the passion fruit, which takes us back to our caribbean roots.

MacarOn Café is also very trend-forward with the custom flavor options. You can create special flavors for any occasion adding unique element to any event. The boutique confectionary is also releasing its must-have, perfectly-crafted 4th of July Macaron. 

Macaron Café's 4th of July Macaron
In this food-savvy culture where the hot new it dessert is in one day and passé the next, the macaron has remained relevant. Answer your next sweet tooth craving with the irresistible bites of MacarOn Café. Tell them we sent you!

Gorgeous gift packaging of MacarOn Café
Twitter/Facebook: @macaroncafenyc
Instagram: @macaroncafe

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig

Tom Kundig principal and owner of the Seattle-based firm Olson Kundig is designing Outpost Basel, an arquitectural pavilion created for the Collector’s Lounge at Design Miami. Basel Switzerland is an artistic fair that will take place from June 16 - 21, 2015. 
Outpost Basel is bringing together a diversity of geographic material and cultural elements of different parts of the world like, Japan, America, Romania, Austria to bring into existence a design space made from everyday materials.

The arquitectural firm “Olson Kundig” is founded by arquitects Jim Olson and Tom Kundig. The firm is based on the ideas that, building can serve “as a bridge between nature, culture and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives.

Kundig plays with the idea of being an outsider, bringing a collection of highly contrasting influences and functions, which he unifies to make a harmonious and inspirational space.  An idea of yin-yang will run throughout, shown through the interplay of shaded and well-lit areas, dark and light materials, as well as space for refuge and for being seen. The result will be an enjoyable retreat in which to reflect on the design fair, meet friends or just relax.

From the entrance of the exhibition, Outpost Basel will appear to be a simple dark cube at the west point of the hall, playing a subtle role within the vast Messe Halle. But as visitors walk closer, they will see the textures and complexity of the structural design.  Guests are going to be welcomed by hosts, who will roll open an iron-wheeled ‘X’ door, to reveal a vibrant inner sanctum of lounge and restaurant areas.

Kundig works with “commodity materials to create this high-design space from re-purposed structural elements, in a continuation of his love of ‘hot-rodding’ ”. Like wood formwork and bricks bountifully supplied by innovative Austrian company “Schweighofer”.

There is going to be two distinct adjoining volumes, one semi-open space and one a taller solid box made of wood bricks, together form Outpost. A tribute to the 10th Anniversary of Design Miami/ Basel in the form of a repeated X- shaped pattern will surround the exterior of Outpost Basel.
Sketch by Tom Kundig, Outpost Basel 

Kundig said: “It’s a great honor to make this space for Design Miami/, and to work in Basel, Switzerland. We each carry many influences with us—both my parents are Swiss, although I am American. With Outpost, I wanted to explore this idea through bringing different elements together in Basel. I like to mix old techniques and robust materials with innovative methods of making, so there will be crafted ironwork from Seattle, and amazing wood from Austrian firm Schweighofer.”

The design of Outpost Basel is bold yet grounded. Interiors are intricate and bold. The ingenious use of space in the Collectors Lounge allows Outpost to be the protagonist of a variety of different activities.  Including the Design Talks, a series of panel and one-on-one discussions with the leading lights of the design world.

A bar is going to be serving fine champagne (Perrier-Jouët) and the presence of a restaurant where guests can regroup and refuel before continuing their exploration of the exhibition.  Collectors will be able to work, talk and relax in Outpost Basel, experiencing a microcosm of the Olson Kundig world, and the distinctive design approach of Tom Kundig himself.

This #CertifiedCOOL event is going to benefit Miami in many ways! A fusion of different creativity and ideation is what Miami needs. The city is growing up to be a multi-cultural portal to the world of the arts and technology.

By: Mckenna Martinez

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