Monday, January 26, 2015


Transform your world with holograms

Microsoft is making moves. Great moves. Moves that have this Apple lover pretty excited. I guess that in itself could be considered a victory for Microsoft, but let me explain why. Last Wednesday Microsoft unveiled a number of software updates as well as a giant 4K display tablet PC that you mount on your wall, which is all fine but what i'm excited about is this:

Called the "HoloLens", it is the worlds first holographic computer AND YOU WEAR IT ON YOUR FACE. How #CertifiedCOOL is that??

No wonder Google stopped development of its Glass project because this is on a whole other level... Just look at some of its capabilities:

From checking to-do lists, the weather, looking up recipes, or playing a game; to planning your next trip, or calling for help on DIY projects, the sky is the limit for what you can do on the HoloLens. Even more impressive is this:

You're given the capability of exploring other planets!

Watch and be amazed:

HoloLens is currently just a prototype but Microsoft plans on releasing it to developers this Spring.

Well played, Microsoft. HoloLens is definitely #CertifiedCOOL.

By: Oliver Pernt

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