Marine Stadium: A Work of Art In Restoration

By Michelle Alana

Photos by Michelle Alana & Joanne Joseph
Over 300 industry executives from Tourism Cares gathered Friday to give of their time to help begin the clean up and restoration of Miami Marine Stadium, the architectural masterpiece on Virginia Key Beach Park. The goal of the cleanup is to return the stadium’s former glory, which was marked with boat shows, concerts, and special events decades ago.

The historic landmark, designed by Cuban-American architect Hilario Candela in 1963, has been abandoned since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  When faced with demolition, efforts and protests from the local community saved it, being named a National Treasure in 2012 by The National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Jorge Hernandez of Friends of Miami spoke of the volunteer efforts:
“What I realized today when I saw people sweeping the glass, picking the debris out, and lovingly cleaning this stadium, is that: this, in earnest, begins the restoration.”

Marine Stadium’s masterful structure is artfully covered in graffiti art, which gives it a totally #CertifiedCOOL identity of its own. Its style and location make this spot photo shoot-ready with endless creative possibilities.

Stinkfish is one of the Graffiti Artists featured on the walls of Marine Stadium
Photo by Michelle Alana