Monday, October 1, 2012


While doing my daily morning reading, I stumbled upon a funky blog, EatStylePlay, that featured one of those COOL little inventions that leave you saying, “Dang I could've invented that!” (Hate aside) I'm glad someone did because it's perfect for the girl who understands that her soles need a little loving too. Admittedly, my skin crawls when I see a price or size sticker stuck to the bottom of anyone's shoes. I mean, I just don't get it... I digress. Maybe that's why I think Protect Your Pumps is a simple stroke of genius. 

So you may be asking yourself... How does this work?
 Protect Your Pumps is a non slip transparent adhesive that is used to protect the soles of high heel shoes. The adhesive is placed on the sole of the shoe. Protect Your Pumps serves as a buffer between the bottom of your shoe and the ground, protecting your gorgeous heels from dirt, grime, unattractive scratches and scrapes. Each piece of adhesive is stamped with a sole template. This outline serves as a guide of where to cut. The adhesive is easy to cut with a household scissors, allowing you to customize the product to your particular shoe. Source

Now, let's get practical. I personally don't have the time to be sitting around doing this to protect all of my shoes—every 4 wears. I think this invention is perfect for my expensive designer heels that I don't wear on a daily basis. That said, I'm placing my order here now.
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