Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GEEK CHIC : WINBOT (I so need this in my life)

Wow! It's been a while since did a "GEEK CHIC" post. This one comes from LIKE WHOA! blog.

Winbot, as its name suggests, cleans windows. The square shaped robotic couple goes on the two sides of the window and they are held together by strong magnetic force. The information available of the robot is scarce, but it seems that both modules have a microfiber cleaning cloth cleaning head, and both units carry a bumper for collision detection. Only one of the two parts contain the drive motor for moving around. The robot covers the window in a systematic manner, and is able to cover both sides of a 6 sqm (64.5 sqft) glass with one charge. The 1.5 A Li-Ion battery of Winbot can be recharged in an hour. Winbot will be available later in 2011 for around $399.

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