Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pokémon Go: How Your Brand Can Play & Profit

Pokémon Go

How Your Brand Can Play & Profit

Unless you've been locked in a room for the past two weeks, you haven't heard of the tech phenom Pokémon Go, one of the most popular & anticipated games of the year which was released on July 7. Initially meant as just a way for Nintendo to lure its customers to their consoles, Pokémon has reached successes that even the creators anticipated. 

Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go is the first of its kind, using augmented reality with Geolocation tags for sites such Pokécenters & Gyms. Everywhere you happen to be, it isn't difficult to find someone indulged in a game of Pokémon Go or hunting for new and rare Pokémon to capture and compare with their friends. For some, this craze may just be a summer phase for the children and in due time, it will pass. If you look around though, you'll note adults wandering around while glued to their smartphone. If you can get a glimpse of their screen, you'll see they're indulging too! For savvy business leaders, this is a can't-miss opportunity to engage customers and create income-generating activity.
Poké products
This new app craze has proven to be addicting to buyers, and profitable to its makers. Within two days of its released the latest reports has shown that it was installed in over 5% of all Android devices in the US, which is even more than the installs of Tinder. In its existence, it has already doubled the amount of activity and engagement found on Snapchat. All of this means that augmented reality games are viable and are the future of gaming & the forefront of the next technological step towards a fully immersive reality. 

Pokémon Go and Small Businesses

So what does this mean for the future of Pokémon Go & evolving your own business around the gaming concept? This could be in many ways just the start of a new beginning for augmented reality games & the viability of it as a whole. In the meantime, it also means capitalizing your business and drawing users of the game to your location. Its actually very simple!

                                                Location-Based initiatives

For those who have stationary businesses, drawing traffic and potential customers to your location is pretty simple to activate. Organize giveaways near your business where Pokémon Go users can come and redeem valuable badges towards their Pokémon. Another idea is simply taking your efforts to social media. For instance: W Hotels recently screenshotted themselves on property within the game (Shown below). This proved to be a brilliant way to engage with their customers and join in on an activity that guests were already doing. To really take it to another level, they can set up mini real-world experiences for guests to enjoy at PokeStops that are located on their properties. 

Pop-up Experiences!

Start by finding an area with a truss of PokeStops. You can set up pop-up shop, event, street team or mobile business right at that stop. Of course, permitting and other important logistics need to be handled.

Pokémon was originally assumed to be an idea that would fall after it was launched, but today, we find that this mobile concept is as popular and profitable as ever. The same can be done for your business. With new ways to gain everyday, businesses have to stay ahead of trends and find creative ways to stay competitive.

For more helpful tips on how your business can take advantage of Pokémon Go or to let us help you put an out-of-the box plan together, contact us at info@createoutoflove.com.