Monday, June 27, 2016

DeZeen Changes The Watch Industry With Collaborative Approach

DeZeen is Redefining the word "Comprehensive"

Expressing art has become a versatile hobby. Many people are finding ways to fulfill their niche for designer looks and unique creations that portray modernization and innovation. Marcus Fair, founder of the DeZeen Watch Store is an integral part of our modernization. He created the store as a means for class worldly individual to purchase their favorite designer watch brands, in one location.

 His reason for starting the now multi million dollar business came at a time when watch companies were becoming much more popular and apparent to the general market. He launched DeZeen because he felt there was no comprehensive watch store. If a person wanted to purchase a watch, they had to go to the brand's online or physical store to achieve it. So he created DeZeen and has worked with designer including Denis Guidone and Michael Young to deliver show stopping arm pieces that shine with current century authenticity.

His watch collection has grabbed the attention of Mogul figures like Robert Downey Jr. and many more. The renowned online watch store has become an intrinsic part of the award winning DeZeen Venture brand, a magazine marque which launched in 2006 and now brings over 2 million readers a month. See for yourself why DeZeen has become a favorite to celebrities and artistic entrepreneurs alike. Also, be on the look out for the many opportunities to purchase a DeZeen favorite in person with their many pop up shops. Visit DeZeen watch store to learn more and grab yourself a designer watch favorite today!