Monday, February 2, 2015


Hard Work is as COOL As It Gets

Our lives are interesting rollercoasters, aren’t they? It is easy to say that all we have to do in life is work hard and that through hard work, we will give our lives meaning. But what about when times get tough? What do you do then? Well, if you’re someone like James Robertson you find a way to keep going.

As a 56 year-old Detroiter, James has most likely had his fair share of hard times, but I’m not sure he was prepared for what was to come. You see he works at a factory in Rochester Hills, which is 23 miles away from his home. And up until about 10 years ago he would take his 1988 Honda Accord to work everyday; but that all changed when the car died on him.

Because of that James had to find another way to get to work, so he started using public transportation. Since the public transportation system could not take him all the way to the factory he worked at, he had to walk the remaining distance. “So what?” – You’re probably asking, “people walk to work all the time”. Well, as true as that may be I doubt they’re walking as much as he is. The closest he can get using public transportation is 10.5 miles. That means James is walking an extra 21 miles every weekday.

Now here at COOL Creative we like to celebrate amazing fashion, art, design, innovation, and such, but we also believe in celebrating amazing individuals. Individuals like James, that continue to show hard work, dedication, and passion for their work regardless of profession or how tough life is. We consider this as #CertifiedCOOL as it gets. Because even though he has to embark in such a journey every weekday he still maintains a perfect attendance record. He has never missed work. And even more so he never complains, simply stating that he can’t see himself not working.

Because of this, the Internet in all of its glory has banded together to create a kickstarer campaign to get him a car, and after only one day over $50,000 has already been raised. If you’d like to be a part of helping this hero of a man, just click here:

The world needs more people like you, Mr. Robertson. You are an inspiration, and in our eyes, #CertifiedCOOL.

By: Oliver Pernt

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