Friday, June 1, 2012


This is a cool short documentary about "TRANSITIONING." Transitioning just means going from chemically relaxed hair back to natural (unprocessed) hair. This requires actually chopping off the chemically relaxed hair. Some people allow their natural hair to grow in before doing the big chop.

Hair is such a big part of people's "visual" identity and in a lot of cases, it affects a person's entire identity. I did the "big chop" while I was in London about 10 years ago. I was studying abroad and no one knew me so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to redefine my look. The shock of it all lasted about a month. I was self-conscious because I had short hair and I felt so unattractive. I was the first of my friends back home to go natural so I kept thinking about what it would be like when I got home. Eventually, it started to grow and I discovered new ways for styling it and my boyfriend, now husband embraced my hair when I returned to the US.

Natural curly hair has become so hot and there is not a single day that I don't get asked about my hair. Carol's Daughters recently launched a great Transitioning Movement campaign for their line of natural hair products. More and people are embracing their natural hair even in this heavily extension-happy beauty culture. 

Listen, natural is not for everyone and I always get annoyed when "curlies" look down on anyone who hasn't made the transition. Whether you straighten, extend, or keep-it-natural... just be true to yourself, be confident, be kind, promote love, and always, always keep your COOL.

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