Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Let's face it, men don't have the variety of clothing & accessory options as women do. Men really have to be creative to pull off a look that that is fresh, unique, and fun. The bow tie has always been a symbol of confidence and have become such a great way for any guy to express his sense of style. Over the past several years, bow ties have really made a splash in fashion. Designers are having fun and experimenting with different fabrics and materials to create some truly eye-popping pieces. Of course, women are wearing men's bow ties too. Celebrity fashion trend-setters (like Janelle Monรกe & Rihanna) have been seen rocking them on the red carpet and on stage.

We've chosen some of our faves for this post, but for the record, we do prefer a classic, large silk bow tie that you have to actually tie because classic is always cool. This post is about how designers have been reinterpreting the classic bow tie with unconventional materials. Now these are not for everyone. Only a man with crazy confidence that wants to have a little fun with his style could rock these.
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JILL PINEDA faux leather bow ties
Mckenzie Liautaud

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