Thursday, May 3, 2012


I just want to start this post by saying that nails are so important to finishing and polishing your look. There is nothing that says you are unpolished than unkept nails (pun totally intended). Your nails say so much about your sense of style and overall aesthetic. Ok, now I can move on.

Over the past several years, a major nail trend has emerged in an explosive way.
From crackle to gel nails, minx to nail wraps, and even textured to 3D nail art... there are endless ways for you to express yourself with your nails. Nail polish brands have finally started following the fashion color trends and are expanding their color offering.

If you're anything like me, there are only certain types of nail polish brands that last on me: Butter and Essie and sometimes OPI. Personally, I prefer gel nails, minx, or the more affordable version of minx, nail wraps. I first got my nails minxed about 3 years ago for my birthday. Minx typically runs about $70 for a full mani. When done properly, they can last about 3 weeks on me. In between my nail splurges, I stumbled upon nail wraps. I first saw them in Sephora and then Sally Hansen introduced them into its line of nail products. Since then I've seen many other nail wrap brands emerge, but non as exciting as NAIL ROCK Designer Nail Wraps. From what I gather, NAIL ROCK has been around long before any other DIY nail wrap brand.

NAIL ROCK provides some of the hottest designs I've seen on the market. I found this amazing product because I had been searching for a polish or wrap that had the same mirror finish as the gold minx that I had gotten in the past. NAIL ROCK was the only brand that had it. They've introduced LIP ROCK and EYE ROCK which are like press on eye liner designs and mirror lips... great for editorial use. NAIL ROCK is COOL because they just get it.  ...I'm off to get a mani/pedi.

Nail Rocks are a London based company. Order yours online at:

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