Friday, March 2, 2012


My fellow fat camp members rejoice!!! I recently read about one of the greatest inventions... THE CUPCAKE VENDING MACHINE stocked daily with Sprinkles brand cupcakes. It got me thinking... what other cool vending machines could there be in our colorful world? Well I've already heard of the famous one dubbed “The Semi-Automatic” in Mondrian Hotel Miami. It's stocked with lux items like designer sunnies, and oh, the keys to a $90,000 Bently that gets delivered to the hotel within minutes of your purchase! On the more practical side, you can get your Rollasoles in an instant at any time in case you need some relief from your 2-hour heels. Yes, I too nickname my shoes based on the amount of time I can stand in them. Perhaps the most outrageous of the vending machines has to be the AutoWed. Oh yes, there is an automatic wedding vending machine. I personally don't agree with this one because marriage is just too sacred and reverent to be reduced to pushing a few buttons and presto chang-o you're married. The idea of getting anything you want in a vending machine is COOL.  Our guess is that we are going to start seeing more and more of these. Brands like Sephora, BlockBuster, Best Buy and many more have already seen success in the "convenient innovations" market.

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