Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domenech doesn't just have the longest name in history, he is known as the leader of the surrealist movement. The Spanish artist worked in all types media including oil, watercolor, graphite, graphics, and sculpture, film, photography, performance, jewelry and objects of all descriptions. A true innovator, he treated his own life like art and his work was a mélange complex dream-like images executed with academically stellar technique. His erratic behavior, obsessive curiosity, and experimentation of the mind and body are the ingredients that all influenced the context of his work. He produced over 1400 artworks in his career. 

Here are some cool facts about the famed artist:

* Salvador had an intense fear of grasshoppers, germs and assassination.
* He dedicated his life to proving that he was a genius.
* As a child he was frequently expelled from school.
* He liked his wife because she changed her clothes three times a day.
* He was notorius for not knowing how to count money.
* He was afraid to expose his feet.
* When in public, he would jump up and down to get attention.
* He was kicked out of the official surrealist society in 1934.
...and my fave...

* Dali always dressed in a suit and cape accessorized with a turban and walking stick.

Salvador Dali was crazy, but he said things like "Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings," and THAT'S COOL!

Be sure to see the very special DALI exhibition in the Miami Design District, Moore Building on March 7-12. Details here: or here on facebook. Twitter @DaliMiami.

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