Wednesday, March 28, 2012


UK fashion label, Sons of Heroes, describes itself as a brand "born from a desire to bring a positive, confident attitude to contemporary menswear. Sons of Heroes represents the bold new face of the modern man; resolute in the pursuit of style."

Such a clear and definitive statement from a brand with a distinctive design point of view. The interesting use of buttons and closures, asymmetrical lines and simplicity in color and fabric all make these pieces so unique and exciting. Perhaps the most attractive thing about these pieces is how masculine they feel. Menswear can sometimes go too feminine when designers try to get too crafty. 

A little history about the brand:  Sons of Heroes. The Uniform of Future Icons.
Paying respect to the future icons of the 21st Century, Sons of Heroes has a blueprint that honours our country’s heroic past and the formidable people who played a part in it. With a collaborative history of over 10 years, the Sons of Heroes duo have collectively pooled their expertise, having worked side by side at the creative helm of some of the UK’s most successful and iconic fashion labels and brands.

Sons of Heros is serving up major cool. 

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