Thursday, March 29, 2012


Brooklyn Circus is a brand that can be described as neo-victorian, dandy, and retro-urban. Its a mix of old and new, lined with confidence and trimmed with grace. The company was founded by Haitian-American, Ouigi Theodore, whose goal is to "refine the image of urban America."
"BKc has produced garments that bring the past forward into the future while extending an ethos of education, empowerment and authenticity." - Source BKc Website 

That definitely gets our stamp of COOL.

Check out some of these videos to hear more about the brand and its founder.

Theodore studied graphic design at FIT and worked as a graphic designer right after he graduated with a history degree. He later scraped together $8,000 and opened his shop. Although he originally helped design the clothes at Brooklyn Circus under the BKC label, Mr. Theodore now farms out the designing, casting himself more as an idea-generator and curator.

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