Monday, February 6, 2012


Saturday mornings are always an adventure in our family. One morning we woke up excitedly ready to head out on a GOLD RUSH adventure... we were going to trade in gold for cash! We got a tip that one of the most highly regarded gold buyers in the country was in town. So we got the fam together and headed out. Long story short, it was quite a pay day for us. The experience got me thinking about gold and fashion. I've always been partial to gold, especially since it brings out the yellow undertones in my skin.

So I went on a hunt for some of the coolest ways to use gold in an unexpected and bold way. Some highlights include: Laruicci Claw Rings (as seen in Beyonce's "Girls Run the World" video), Gold Nail Rocks Designer Nail Wraps, BiJules NYC Serpent Nail Tip Ring, and of course the ever popular "I'm Fly" ring which I bought from a street vendor in NYC last December and gold nail jewelry. One thing to note about going for the gold... make sure the tone is not too yellow otherwise it will cheapen the look. Gold will always be cool! Be creative and look for stand out pieces.