Monday, February 6, 2012


Mint Color inspiration by COOL Creative

Mint popped up on many fashion runways last Spring. Since then I've been obsessed with the color. This color is so versatile and can be carried over to any season. I love that a color so soft and subtle can make such a huge statement. The color pops beautifully on darker and olive skin tones... and give lighter skin tones an ethereal glow. Its one of those colors that I believe anyone can pull off. 

Some of my minty picks include: Chanel Vernis in 407 Jade (hard to find however ESSE carries Mint Candy Apple which is absolutely fabulous), Lime Opaque Lipstick, Mint belt, watch, dress and more available at ASOS

One of my fave pass times is to play with my internal color wheel and Mint is such a fun color to experiment with. For a more summery feel: try mint with pop colors like hot pink and chartreuse. For a bold and interesting look, try it with a black and white pattern. If you want to keep it light and sweet, pair it with neutral colors. You can finish off your minty look with some shiny gold shoes. The matte feeling of the mint against the shiny gold texture will really give your look a rich quality. 

Fresh inspiration that's cool for any season.