Monday, June 8, 2015

COOL SPOTS: MacarOn Café, New York

Designer Desserts to Die For

The macaron lives on!

Sprinkled across several locations in New York is the famed MacarOn Café where sweet morsels of meringue-based heaven are born. It all began with an oven in a small café. Chefs, Cecile and Arnaud, had a vision of bringing the French confectionary cookie to New York in 2007.  They have since expanded to 4 cafes in Manhattan and ship to over a hundred retailers across North America. MacarOn Café has also earned major creds in prestigious publications like the New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine and Elle Magazine 

Haute Macha Green Tean Macaron
Perhaps one of the main draws to MacarOn Café are the seasonal flavors and couture designs offered in the collections. The perfect summer tropical flavors such as pineapple, passion fruit, mango and orange blossom are among some of the sunny bites you'll experience. The macha green tea macaron is almost too gorgeous to eat. Our personal fave is the passion fruit, which takes us back to our caribbean roots.

MacarOn Café is also very trend-forward with the custom flavor options. You can create special flavors for any occasion adding unique element to any event. The boutique confectionary is also releasing its must-have, perfectly-crafted 4th of July Macaron. 

Macaron Café's 4th of July Macaron
In this food-savvy culture where the hot new it dessert is in one day and passé the next, the macaron has remained relevant. Answer your next sweet tooth craving with the irresistible bites of MacarOn Café. Tell them we sent you!

Gorgeous gift packaging of MacarOn Café
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