Thursday, May 28, 2015

eMerge Summit: Women, Innovation and Technology

You get the eMerge Women, Innovation and Technology Summit. You also get a room full of powerful and prominent women who are ready to change the gameWith thousands of people in attendance on May 4th2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, it was a great opportunity to network and engage with others in the field and see how women are making an impact in the world of technology and innovation. 

The WIT Summit was a new initiative created by eMerge America and featured 3 Keynote Speakers, Martine Rothblatt, Abigail Posner and Genevieve Bell. Rothblatt is the Founder and served as Chairman and CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio, which is now referred to as Sirius XM. 
Martine Rothblatt welcoming guests to the first annual WIT Summit on May 4, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center

Posner was added to the Google team 3 years ago and helps develop creative and strategic ideas for the digital space. Bell is Vice President and director of User Experience Research at the Intel Corporation. The Summit also had various breakout sessions facilitated by speakers in different aspects of innovation and technology, as well as, an impressive interview with a #CertifiedCOOL 11 year old fashion designer, Ariel Swedroe, who uses technology in her work.

1. GET TECHY. Women need to access technology in order to be attracted to the field. They need to engage more.

2. DON'T BE A HATER. The success of women should be the success of another. Celebrate each other.

3. BE THE PROBLEM-SOLVER. You will be remembered for one of two things... the problems you create or the problems you solved.

4. FEAR IS GOOD. When you experience fear in your career, it can be sign that you are moving in the right direction... the unknown... the unfamiliar. Fear can be healthy if it moves you to action.

5. POWER OF PERSISTENCE. You will access the power of persistence when you do things with love. Amen! This is one of our core principles at COOL.

By: Joanne Joseph

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