Friday, February 13, 2015



It’s that time of the year again. Valentines day. For some it’s an awesome time of the year, for others it’s pretty stressful. Why is that? I think it all comes down to preparation.

We all know Valentines day is about showing appreciation to that special someone that you feel completes you, that is why preparation is key.

Now, is it possible to prepare for your romantic outing in a more stress-free state? Sure it is. This is what you have to do to have a great Valentines day:

To start off you need to do a little research on your partner and figure out the smaller details. One thing I always say when working on anything is that we need to see the big picture as an accumulation of little details. No two people are exactly the same. Each of us have unique details that make us who we are, and if you want to truly have an amazing Valentines day experience with your partner you must try to figure these things out. By figuring out what makes them smile, what inspires them, what they are passionate about and what matters to them, Valentines day becomes a lot simpler.

Another tip would be to definitely PUT YOUR PHONES AWAY. I’m sure those cat videos, Facebook posts, and Tweets are tempting to look at. But I’m sorry to say that those won’t do much but get in the way of everything. Technology has made our lives incredibly easy; you can do just about everything on these gadgets. Yet they can’t replace human feelings and intuition. Technology can’t help you on the matters of the heart. Only you can. And that happens by putting away those devices and distractions and just spending time with that special someone.

And in closing, my last tip for having a smooth Valentines day and many more to come is to continuously find ways to show affection throughout the year. There are 364 more days to show you care so you have to use them wisely. Maybe calling them on your way home after work to say you can't wait to see them, or surprising them with lunch, perhaps even a spontaneous weekend outing, the options are endless. You should always follow this mantra: Never over-promise but always over-deliver. By doing that, your actions won’t go unnoticed. 

Don't overthink it; just have fun with it. 

Happy Valentines Day. 

By: Oliver Pernt

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