Wednesday, July 2, 2014

GEEK CHIC : 3D Printing Reshapes Fashion Design

By Joanne Joseph

From headpieces to shoes to nail art, 3-D printing has given designers a more technological outlet to display their creative designs to the fashion world. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, 3-D printing allows you to make a 3-dimensional object come to life through a digital file. The creator makes a virtual design of the object that is scanned into a 3-D digital copy, and then printed.

The designers from the fashion company threeASFOUR featured some 3-D pieces during New York Fashion Week in 2013.

threeASFOUR 3-Dimensional Dress

threeASFOUR 3-Dimensional Dress

Ray Civello and Stephen Ma who are leaders in the fashion industry used this technique to design headpieces that were featured at the Aveda Congress 2013. The event honors those in the hairdressing industry and attracts thousands of salon professionals’ worldwide to get educated about coloring, styling and what’s trending in make-up. Take a look at the process in creating these #COOL and innovative headpieces.

3-D printing creates endless possibilities for fashion to push its limits and that is certified COOL.