Tuesday, June 24, 2014


By: Joanne Joseph

Stèphane Rollands high fashion couture dress designs are breathtaking. Rolland is a French designer who was first recognized by fashion powerhouse Balenciaga. He was immediately hired and given the task of working on the men’s collection at 20 years old. By the age of 24, he launched his own collection and since then, his pieces have been stocked in 80 boutiques and department stores all over the world.

Rolland’s gowns are sculpturesque and extravagant. So extravagant that at the Chanel and Giorgio Armani Prive Fall-Winter 2011-12 collection display, one of Rolland’s “brides” got stuck at the end of the runway for a moment. The model's gown was covered in so much embroidery that it weighed her down.

The designer has opened his own House for his Haute Couture creations in Paris. His pieces have graced the bodies of Lady Gaga, Beyoncè, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. Amidst all of the wedding frenzy and media coverage of the KIMYE wedding that took place on Saturday May 24th, it’s only right that we shed light on these beautiful organic dress designs that are fit for the runway and would make any bride fall to their knees in awe.