Tuesday, March 4, 2014


You can always expect amazing things from a Chanel® runway exhibition.
From icebergs to ice palaces, and epic feasts to epic monuments—you never know
what you're going to get at a Chanel show (but whatever it is will be fabulous!). 

At this year's Paris Fashion Week the brand transformed the Grand Palais into the
most chicest supermarket ever. The grocery baskets were even trimmed in the brand's signature chain link. Surprisingly the clothes did not get lost in the grand set design.
The contrast between the ordinary setting of a grocery market against the luxurious fabrics,
shapes, and textures really made the perfect setting to showcase the collection.

The idea was brilliant, but could this be a remix?
We remember a luxury fashion brand doing something very similar in
New York City's Grand Central station years ago… 
Prada, nine years ago to be exact (see below).
We're not hating though… its still cool. #BravoChanel