Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Close up shots (Source)

Walking around Miami's Wynwood Arts District we stumbled upon one of the coolest exhibitions we have ever experienced: Frederico Uribe's, "Realm of the Unreal." The contemporary artist created a wonderland entirely made of unexpected objects including: compact discs, Puma sneakers, colored pencils, plastic forks, bullets, yard rakes and more. 

At first glance we didn't realize what we were looking at, we just thought,  "wow this a fun space." As we moved closer we discovered that the birds on the wall were made of cut open Puma sneakers, the water was made of compact discs, the swimmers had swim caps made of computer keys, and the chandelier was made of plastic forks. As we moved through the space, we got hypnotized by all the details we kept uncovering.

We soon noticed a crown surrounding what looked like a moving version of all the sculptures we had been looking at. As we moved closer we discovered that the sculpture  was actually the artist himself dressed in his unbelievable creation. 

We learned that Uribe had spent the past 7 years laboring over this epic fantasy world.
He was incredibly gracious and timid as he hid behind the thousands and thousands of colored pencils that blanketed his face and body.

Learn more about Uribe on his website.