Thursday, December 5, 2013


Our favorite time of year is unarguably Art Basel season right here in Miami. The week is filled with cool events and exhibitions that remind us so much of the time Terrance and I spent courting each other while in art school. We also love all the surprises and randomness we discover throughout the week. 

This year we started out early. On Monday we browsed through opening of the The Wynwood Art Building before heading out to a friend's private "Basel Bash." Tuesday was really the start of exhibition hopping and what we consider 'Day One.' We started at the Context/Art Miami tents in Wynwood and then headed to Project Miami and Red Dot.
We'll be going to back to the Wynwood tents on Friday and Saturday to spend more time browsing and favoring, but here are a few snaps from our drive by.

Look up and you might see the floating lady.

Not to be missed is Miami Project's pop-up shop that features artist-made merch available during basel only. Prices for the items range from $10-$500. This reminds us of the time when Bansky sold priceless prints on the streets of New York for $60
That said, we recommend you stop by and pick something up.

Next stop was the Colette Art Drive By pop-up shop at the Alchemist in the 1111 Lincoln building and the Ferarri Piston Head Exhibition. The Colette shop, on the 7th floor, explored a new shopping experience where users browsed the merch on a wall, ordered at a kiosk and picked up at the check out station. The hottest show in town was the Ferarri event on the top floors. A-listers examined Enzo's and car sculptures while sipping on Veuve in the gorgeous Herzog & Meuron designed building. 

We capped off the evening on sand at Scope Art Fair. The 'drive-by' theme continued as we quickly browsed through amazing galleries, including Ken Borochov's MORDEKAI. We'll be returning to Scope throughout the week to give the show the time it deserves. 
(sigh) So much to do…

Check back during the week and after for more Basel bites!

His work has been seen on Nikki Minaj, Cher, Lady Gaga and many more.