Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BRAND BUZZ : The New American Is Arriving!

In our last post, our new contributor Tymeco, asked the very important question,"When can a brand rebrand?" In this post we'll see a big brand that did.

By: Tymeco Pyles 
(our COOL new contributor!)

The airline that America has grown to know and love is undergoing a DRASTIC, INNOVATIVE, and BOLD change with their fresh approach on the flying experience. American Airlines has joined forces with US Airways, using the tagline “Two airlines coming together to make something better.” This massive move has sparked the rebranding of a small piece of history, since American Airlines has been around for nearly 80 years. Are you ready for the bright, new, modern American Airlines?

The redesigned American Airlines logo represents a number of things that are important to the company. They call it The evolution of an icon. According to their new website introducing the recent identity update, the fresh look symbolizes their passion for progress by incorporating the colors and symbols you've come to associate with American.
Reflecting the soaring spirit that is uniquely American, the new logo — the Flight Symbol — contains the eagle, the star, the "A," and refreshed shades of red, white and blue. Together, they represent a clean and modern update to the core icons of the company.

With such a dynamic change, there is bound to be some mixed reviews on the pioneering design. I stumbled upon an article in USA Today entitled: American Airlines’ New Look: 
Thumbs up or Down? The logistics of the article basically boiled down to this:

1.    While it may not be as classic as the old one, it does bring some elements of the old into the new. If you look closely at the new logo, you can see the beak of the old AA eagle.
2.     The design and logo looks terrific. At first glance, the tail looked overwhelming but it's grown on the eyes and now it proudly shouts American.   
3.    It was hard to translate American Airlines' efforts to be at the forefront of technology and social media to their ancient, out-of-date branding. The new look will help align their brand identity with their newly-found innovative spirit.

3.    The minimizing of the "American Eagle" is a huge misstep in their brand identity. It has been such an icon for so long to minimize it to the degree that they did shows that they are disregarding those who have been loyal to the brand even through their worst years.

      Personally, we think its COOL and change is good. Just please take away baggage fees!

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