Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We dropped by the controversial Mr. Brainwash's pop up gallery in South Beach during Basel. We felt kind of weird being so close to the "criminal art-ist," who was inches away from us, casually mingling with the spectators. It was kind of like we too had committed a crime, or had sold out to our fellow artists just by
being there.... that is exactly what peaked our interest and made the exhibition 
even more exciting. 

It was like we had entered the forbidden gallery where
the artist became like a negative stereotype of a corporation and the executives took all the credit for the minions doing all the hard work. Seriously, there 
were actually other artist creating more work in a roped off area in the gallery. We think Mr. Brainwash was intentionally mocking all the controversy around him... that part was actually kind of COOL.

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