Monday, September 17, 2012



We've been away in the "Land of Smiles" collecting cool inspiration over the past few weeks. Thailand is an amazing place and we're so excited to share our cool expeditions with you. 

Thai people are very hospitable and always eager to share their colorful culture. Every time we stopped to take pictures of something, we got a crash course in Thai history from a random passerby. The influence of India, China, and Cambodia can be seen in everything from the food and clothing to art and religion. We really got to experience a rich mélange of cultures on our trip.

In this post we share with you the beautiful designs that adorn some of the temples we visited in Bangkok. The amount of detail and laborious work that went into creating these designs is absolutely overwhelming. Every shape and detail has a meaning and is intended to communicate something about the religion and culture of the nation.

The patterns in the art of Thailand really remind us of the current head-to-toe pattern trend that we've seen featured on so many of the Fall 2012 fashion runway shows and designer store window displays this season.

 So what did we take away from this part of our trip?
Simply that... Love is in the details.

Stay tuned for more from our cool Thailand adventure.