Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Its not often that men get much to choose from when it comes to fashion designs and trends. Because of the general shopping behaviors of men— there is not as much variety for them as there are for women. That's why we're excited to see such a shift in the industry especially in the shoe department. Men's footwear has gotten a mega dose of cool with bold use of fabrics and colors, luxurious leathers & accessories, re-interpreted soles, hybrids, and so much more.

Fall 2012 is serving up some of the most blazing designs ever!

Must have for Fall 2012 - cool classic, hard bottom or a hybrid shoes like some of our cool picks shown above:
  • Prada 'Levitate' Wingtips
  • Louboutin Metal Henri Flat
  • Louis Vuitton Metal Lace up
  • United Nude dessert boot silver tumbled leather
  • Louboutin John John flat
  • Louboutin Spooky velvet spiked loafers
  • Alba part neon old school
  • Jimmy Choo camo loafers (stay tuned for our camo trend feature)
Designer kicks with luxurious designer patterns, leather or a mix of materials and the sneaker-hybrid:
  • Yogi Yamamoto
  • United Nude
  • Feit hand sewn shoes
  • Clae Hamilton Classic
  • Clae McQueen
  • Burberry Check high top
  • Clarks Denim Dessert Boot
  • JImmy Choo Belgravia 
  • Louis Vuitton Heroes Sneaker Boot Damier canvas
There's so much to suit your cool this fall!

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