Thursday, July 12, 2012


Black has long been associated with elegance, formality, wealth, and mystery. 
Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth. A black suit or dress can make you look thinner. When designing for a gallery of art or photography, you can use a black matte to make the other colors stand out. It is considered to be a very formal and prestigious color .

Black also has negative connotations that include, death and exclusion. What draws me to the color is that it has such powerful connotations that are both positive and negative. It's interesting that a color that is so decisive has such a split personality. 

Either way, the famed Jay-Z phrase, “All Black Everything,” is really what we're featuring in this post. Black-on-black design is incredibly sexy, stealthy and modern. Black never goes out of style, but black-on-black is on another level of cool. The best way to execute black-on-black design is by expertly combining textures and finishes, and using simple dramatic angles and curves. For example:

-The Minimalist Black House, Q House by asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz is designed with simple, clean lines, which will make it look ultra modern forever.

-The Black Lamborghini Avenger is already pretty modern looking, but the hit of black matte takes it beyond.

-Black lipstick looks best when its shiny and your foundation and eyeshadow is perfectly matte.

-Wearing black on black clothing looks best when you mix layer with different fabrics and textures to help break it up a bit.

-Shamballa Bracelets are hot, but all black Shamballa Bracelets are hotter and look more expensive. I'm noticing more men wearing these.

-Nike HOV Collection uses the same Air Force design. Blacking them out just gives the design a new edge.

-Black out watches like the Hublot Big Bang black out watch uses a brushed metal, a combination of matte finishes for a super stealthy effect.

-Black leather drum kit (via Fancy) is just too cool.

-Oneida Black Flatware uses minimal lines and matte black finish for a modern and elegant effect.

-DeLonghi Geodesic Brilliante Kettle is designed with an interesting geometric pattern that takes it from just another black coffee maker to a work of art that just happens to make coffee.

-I love the heavy use of black in interior design, but it only works with super simple and minimal furniture.

-The Black Swan Superyacht 70m by designer Timur Bozca. Its a black yacht. Need I say more?

-And of course we must end this post with a nod to the godfather of black-on-black... Mr. Carter. Thanks for being so COOL.

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