Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Exit Through the Gift Shop has become one of our favorite flicks of all time. Ever since we watched it, we've been so interested in the world of graffiti propaganda artists. So you can imagine our delight when we learned about the "staged feud" between Kidult and Marc Jacobs.

Recently, the Mercer street Marc Jacobs store was vandalized by Kidult, an artist famous for doing this type of thing. He typically creates t-shirts to memorialize his work and then sells them for $40. Well, Marc Jacobs flipped the script by making a shirt first and is selling it for $680!

Needless to say, Kidult was seemingly ticked off and declared war on twitter. Why "seemingly?"  Well, Global Grind is reporting that Marc Jacobs actually hired the artist to tag his store! Was the hoax worth it? We think it would have been totally COOL if we didn't know it was a PR stunt. Otherwise... not so much.

More about Kidult.

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