Friday, March 9, 2012


Its Friday and for some of you it's also PAY DAY! While you're out blowing your rent money on fabulous fashions, be sure to pick up some peplums to add some pep to your spring wardrobe! Peplums are fun, flirty and feminine... the kind of F's I like (don't even go there).

Here are some fun facts about peplums I borrowed from sunflowersandspears's blog:
1. Peplums originated from Greece and was the Greek word for tunic.
2. Peplum films are the title given to the genre of films which incorporate old Greek history and style.
3. In the 19th century a peplum referred to a short overskirt that was originally (and sometimes it is still) attached to the bottom of a jacket. It usually drops at the waist on a womans' body.
4. The purpose for a peplum was to add to a womans' figure and enhance her hips and therefore make her waist appear smaller.

The peplum play suit is to die! ASOS certainly doesn't have a shortage of peplums. I love the structured, futuristic styles that give you a feminine look with a little edge that's cool.

Happy shopping!!!

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