Monday, March 5, 2012


We first read about ear cuffs last season, but have yet to see them really take off in the US so we think they're still a relevant trend in 2012. Ear cuffs do not require any piercings and can be worn in one ear or both. We suggest wearing just one for the more flashy styles and then counter balance it with a simple mid-ear band cuff on the other side. There are really so many jewelry designers making ear cuffs and the choice is really overwhelming. Since Jo is a ninja in training... we tend to like the edgier, Beatrix Kiddo inspired styles seen in these designs by Maria Francesca, Anni Jyrgenson, Mercury Cuff Design, and Duncan Stevens. Don't over-do your look by wearing too much. Keep it easy, sleek and chic or you'll look you're trying too hard and that's never COOL.

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